The Power Of Prints

2017 is the year of prints, and we can’t be more excited about it. Here at Ethereal we are print enthusiasts because we understand that fashion without prints is like peanut butter without jelly.

In the past couple of years, prints have become bigger, bolder, and better. From flirtatious polka dots, to classic stripes, to funky florals and unique animal prints, we are left spoiled with options to choose from.

Pattern play leaves choices to the imagination of the individual, which is what the art of fashion is all about. Don’t be afraid to create unique blends of color, textures, and fruit inspired prints. This season there are options out there for everyone.

For spring and summer we look forward to seeing all you print fanatics bring out your best patterns to show off. Remember that the power of prints is only as strong as the person wearing them.

Obviously, there is no better time to rock those prints than now!


Swimwear by Ancora

Accessories by Katherine Cordero & Dopodomani

Cover-up by Khöul

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